The Behind the Fight documentary is a story about my life. From being on top to hitting the bottom, never giving up, and getting back to where I want to be.

This story started before my last Bellator fight with Douglas Lima and continues to my return to the UFC. See the ups and downs in my personal life, the struggles with my family, and my own mental pressure to be the best. Follow along as things change dramatically for both good and bad and learn how I was able to keep focused and persevere though the hardest of times.

This video will give you insight into all the variables behind the scenes that you don’t see when you turn on the fight. Most people see the battle and the victory, but never know the struggles fighters go through with our families, teammates, and opponents, through injuries, diets, weight cuts and even surgeries. It takes a certain type of mentality to want to continuously do this but that mentality can be applied to anyone in any situation. Come along with me and see Behind the Fight…….


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