This documentary is a recap of my life through a long strenuous training camp and the ups and downs of being a pro fighter. This video is about my challenges and determination in regards to never giving up.

We filmed all aspects of my life in preparation of producing a world class documentary about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. It is about the life of a pro fighter and the desire to be a champion; no matter what the consequence. We captured my family interactions, training sessions, business ventures, and even my social life. My partners at TSM Studio have already brought you a teaser of the documentary, via the trailer above.

We now want to give fans the opportunity to be a part of the documentary. There are several levels of donations that will get you involved with the project. We want to show everyone what it takes to be a pro MMA fighter. You’ll see the struggles, the good times, the commitment, and sacrifices needed to live and thrive in this industry and we want you, the fans, to have your name on it.

Social Media is a powerful tool and now we are going to use crowd funding because it is a vital part of social media. We are striving to get interactive with our fans to help be a part of the production. This will be an awesome video and a pillar in the MMA evolution.

We used previous donations and investosr help to film everything over the last 2 years. If you make a donation I’ll send you various Killa B swag based on the level you donate. . Each level has its own reward. !!!IMPORTANT Donations do not imply ownership, only voluntary participation!!!!